buys any luxury car in the UAE within 30 minutes in just three steps. To sell your car successfully, fill an easy online car valuation form, book an appointment for physical inspection and receive payment via secure bank transfer. Our non-obligatory services are always free.

We have specialised on buying luxury cars in the UAE and know the value of each. As a respected client, we have established a simple 3-step process to buying your prestigious car. First, you can get an online price for your car. If you are happy with the initial valuation, you can book an appointment in one of our dedicated, nationwide locations for a free car inspection. We promise to purchase any luxury car, we inspect. All you have to do is sign our sales agreement and that’s it. We will take care of the rest.

For many people, the car is taken for granted as part of everyday life. When the old vehicle is of no use, a new one is immediately needed. But what to do with the predecessor? In order to obtain a better overview of the many automobile markets, time and patience are required. After all, you would like to have the best possible price when you are selling your used car. Many decide on the private sale because this appears to be the least complicated. Even car dealerships purchase vehicles from their own manufacturers but primarily to make the purchase of a new car more appealing. Another possibility would be to find a potential buyer through an advertisement. But even here, there are certain pitfalls.

In order to find the fastest and safest way to sell your used car, you don’t have to search offers you the best price for your luxury car and even takes care of the deregistration. Don’t miss our service package and immediately make an appointment with us.

The various ways to sell your used car

Another possibility to sell your used car is to sell it privately. This means that you can place an ad in a newspaper or online. However, behind such an ad, there is more work required as one thinks. The text has to be appealing and informative at the same time, the photos have to show a well-placed vehicle. If you don’t want to wait too long for a potential buyer to sell your used car to, you can contact a dealer. Used car dealerships are known, however, for paying low prices.

This is our sale process

Simply contact us via our website’s online car valuation tool and make an appointment with an office close to you. After our professionals have provided the residual value of your vehicle, you can sell it directly to us. Bring all of the important documents and receipts for accessories that belong to the vehicle with you. From this point on, we will take care of all the other inconveniences like deregistration at the RTA or any Muroor (traffic department) in the UAE. Selling a used car doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated and can take place comfortably. is your ultimate place to sell all types of used cars in the UAE. We don’t just buy luxury cars but all used cars from all brands, whether it is a luxury BMW, a Jaguar super car, a high-class Mercedes, a Toyota SUV or a Ford Hatchback and more. Our process is such that guarantees the most profitable deal for car sellers in the UAE.

Used Car Selling could never have been easier than this as provides the most modern services to sell a used car in the UAE. From dedicated customer support to a highly secure way to transfer payments, is an ideal company to sell used cars in the UAE. Our safe payment-transfer takes place through electronic bank transfer. Now you neither need to go to the classifieds websites which are vulnerable to car frauds nor to the used car dealerships that never guarantee to buy your car at its best resale value. We ensure the best resale value on buying a luxury car and other used cars. is the best place to sell any used car in the UAE in just 30 minutes.

Car sellers can start selling their used cars to by getting a free valuation for their car through our online car valuation tool and following that book an appointment with us for the physical inspection of the car at any of our branches in the UAE. is an ideal company to sell a used car as we guarantee the purchase of every car inspected by us. Other than that, we make car selling an effortless job for car sellers by handling the post-sale paperwork including deregistration of the car and other processes involved. It all gets very easy and beneficial to sell a used car in the UAE when you sell it with

We offer the best methods for selling used luxury cars

All of the alternative possibilities to sell a used luxury car holds the risk of not getting a fair price for your vehicle. A previous appraisal is necessary in order to recognize weaknesses and strengths of the vehicle. Only from this overall picture, can the exact residual value be calculated. At this service is free, whereas at other service providers it can cost up to 1000 AED. Our experts will examine your used car very carefully and will offer a purchase at this price, even for luxury vehicles with damages. You will be certain that you have sold your car fairly. pays fair market value.

Please bring the following documents for appraisal with you to your appointment:

✔ Your government-issued ID, for example your Emirates ID

✔ Your car’s registration card (Mulkiya)

✔ The car’s service history book, if available (or any receipts of maintenance services)

✔ All sets of keys and other potential extras the car might have (for example extra set of tires)

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